My ABDL Origin Story

I first knew when I was 4 or 5. I'd stopped wetting the bed, but I began to miss wearing Pull-Ups, so I put one on and really enjoyed it. At one point when I was 5, my dad took me to a coworker's house, and they caught me in the baby's room trying to put on a diaper. 😰 When I was 6, whenever I passed by babies at grocery stores, I'd always ask the parent(s) what diapers the babies wear. When I was 7 and 8, my class went to a room the lower floor of my school (where the lower functioning autistic classrooms were) for certain activities. When I went to the bathroom on that floor, I 'd always use this large stall where they kept diapers for the students, and I'd try them on. After a few years, I lost interest, and moved on with my life.

Shortly before I turned 15, I was visiting a relative in a nursing home, and had to use the bathroom before leaving. The visitor bathroom was occupied, so I used the residential one next to it. I saw an adult diaper in the garbage, sparking something in me. The next day, I started researching adult diapers. I then decided to search "adult baby diapers," just for kicks, not aware of what I was about to discover. I was amazed that I wasn't alone, and I began to learn all about the ABDL lifestyle. I was going to start high school in the fall, and decided that it was time for me to stop thinking about this for good. This ended up being impossible, so I just continued to indulge myself by researching it privately over the years.

Just before I turned 20, I couldn't take it anymore. I finally gave in and ordered 80 Snuggies (now Tykables) Waddlers, praying that my parents wouldn't be home when they were delivered. I wanted the newly released Snuggies Overnights, but they were all sold out in my size. The day they were delivered, my parents were gone. Everything seemed fine, but by the time the diapers arrived, my mom had returned! She spent lots of time interrogating me, wanting to know what I ordered, but she eventually dropped it, and promised that I could keep it private.

About a year later, freakyhax (a new 3DS exploit, similar to ninjhax) was released. I bought up a bunch of copies to attempt to resell for a profit. My parents knew about this, and were aware that there would be small packages arriving throughout the next few weeks. I sensed an opportunity to smuggle some ABDL stuff into the house, so I ordered a pacifier, and my parents never found out. I never used a pacifier as a kid, and I really wanted to see if they live up to the hype.

In late summer of 2016, my little side began to develop. I started to watch shows that I enjoyed when I was younger. Over the next few years, I watched a lot between TV provider and streaming service logins, and eventually transitioned to more legal options, such as accessing foreign TV networks via VPN, using "Free with Ads" services, and convincing my parents to subscribe to more paid services.

In March 2019, I discovered Pororo. I'm now a huge fan, and I eagerly await the English dub of every new Pororo video. In July 2019, I discovered The Land Before Time.

Where To Find Me