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Who am I?

I'm many things. You may think I'm some weird creep at first glance, but we actually have a lot in common.

Yes, I enjoy diapers, pacifiers, plushies (sadly, I don't have any, yet...), certain childrens' media, and other babyish/childish things. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. Many people like to satisfy their inner child; that doesn't make them disturbed individuals. I just take it to a whole new level.

However, I don't shy away from adulthood. There are many R-rated movies, M-rated video games, and TVMA-rated TV shows that I enjoy. I hesitate to say I'm "woke," since the term has been co-opted by bourgeois liberals and had it's definition butchered by conservatives in recent years, but I try to familarize myself with the plight of marginalized groups and fellow working-class Americans. I don't blindly accept what the mainstream media says, and regularly tune in to alternative, progressive left-wing outlets (Jimmy Dore, Revolutionary Blackout Network, and Hard Lens Media are among my favorites). The world's a very bleak place, and the comfort of being babied really helps me cope with the stress of adulthood and knowing how fucked up our world is.

I also consider myself a nerd. I'm very tech-savvy, and love ROM hacking, installing custom firmware, emulation, open source software, and piracy.

The Unspeakables

The following are brands I despise so much, that I dare not speak their names:

  • Deplorable (but some content from their subsidiaries is good)

  • The N Word (part of Paramount)

  • Cancer Network (part of Warner Bros. Discovery)

  • Dr. Douche (a shitty children's author)

  • Henshit (including SHiT Entertainment, the Alternative content, and anything from the Seedy Workshop/Studios)

  • Wow, Not Entertainment (Possibly the worst animation studio of all time?)

Other things I hate...

Porn, Rule 34, or other sexual content! Seriously! I may be an adult, but these things completely gross me out! I block anyone who posts such content. No exceptions.

Where To Find Me